Recent articles featured in art publications on and offline include:

Acts of Alchemy 
With a constantly evolving method, Tammam Azzam recalls the beauty of his native Syria, rebuilding its broken pieces with complex techniques.  

Canvas Magazine | November 2016

The Street as A Studio 

Iranian photographer Kamran Heidari documents the historic graffiti of Shiraz in his urban portraits

Selections Magazine | July 2016

Reclaiming the Past 

Uncovering the political message beneath the aesthetic surface of Nada Sehnaoui’s activist works.

Canvas | July 2016 

Visual Feasts

Influential Emirati artist Hassan Sharif’s solo show at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha is a journey of rediscovery. 

Selections Magazine | May 2016 

In Conversation with Peter Zimmermann

The German painter talks about his first show in the Middle East, artificial accidents, and lickable paintings. 

Selections Magazine | March 2016 

Hop, Skip and Click 

Examining the evolution of online art platforms in the Middle East and beyond, their growing success, and state of their coexistence with physical art institutions.

Harper's Bazaar Art Arabia | November 2015 

Stars, Crossovers, and Absent Borders 

In conversation with Guggenheim MAP project curator and art world personality Sara Raza.  

Harper's Bazaar Art Arabia | September 2015 

In Conversation with Mohannad Orabi 

Introductory interview for the artist's first monograph. 

Ayyam Gallery | September 2015 

Karima: A Day In The Life Of A Henna Girl

An interview with Hassan Hajjaj about the photographic works that first catapulted him to fame and his recent forays into film.

Art Radar | July 2015 
Eastern Precipitations 

A review of the first art pavilion by arts journal Contemporary Practices presented at this year's Venice Biennale. 

Harper's Bazaar Art Arabia | May 2015

Frontiers Reimagined 

A review of Venice Biennale's collateral event curated by Sundaram Tagore. 

Harper's Bazaar Art Arabia | May 2015

Journey of the Mind

A review of Sadik Alfraji's solo exhibition Driven by Storms (Ali's Boat) curated by Nat Muller and presented at Ayyam Gallery. 

Selections Art Paper | April 2015

In Conversation with Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi 

A glimpse into Al Qasimi's curatorial vision for the UAE National Pavilion at this year's Venice Biennale. 

Selections Art Paper | April 2015

In the Library with Golnaz Fathi 

Iranian abstract calligrapher Golnaz Fathi considers books as aesthetic objects before looking at their narrative role. 

Selections | April 2015 

Two Views from the Other Side of the Lens 

A conversation with Tarek Nahas and Jean-Luc Monterosso about their passion for photography.

Selections | April 2015 

      Partitions for Abstraction 

      An introductory essay about Asaad Arabi's return to abstraction,           published in the catalogue accompanying the artist's solo exhibition. 

      Ayyam Gallery | May 2015

It's a Kind of a Domesticated Wilderness: an Interview with Abbas Akhavan

A conversation with Abbas Akhavan about his practice of the ephemeral. 

Jadaliyya | April 2015 

Abbas Akhavan - Study for a Curtain

A review of Akhavan's site specific installation presented at The Third Line gallery's project space. 

Aesthetica | April 2015

Driven by Storms : An Interview with Sadik Alfraji and Nat Muller

A conversation with Iraqi artist Sadik Alfraji and curator Nat Muller about Driven by Storms (Ali's Boat). 

Jadaliyya | March 2015

In The Library With Samia Halaby 

Leading abstract painter Samia Halaby revels in the infinite knowledge that books can provide.

Selections Magazine | March 2015

Art (Un)interrupted - The History of Visual Culture in Iran 

An essay investigating the evolution of Iran's visual culture from the 1960s until today. 

Contemporary Practices | November 2014

     Perfect Imperfections

     A review of Waqas Khan's second solo show at Sabrina Amrani 

     Gallery in Madrid, following his Europe debut in June 2012.

     Harper's Bazaar Art Arabia | September 2014

Art-Uninterrupted: Syria's Apex Generation

A review of Ayyam Gallery's summer exhibition in Dubai and London, presenting the post-uprising works of five Syrian artists: Nihad Al Turk, Abdul Karim Majdal Al-Beik, Othman Moussa, Mohannad Orabi, and Kais Salman.

The Mantle | August 2014

Interview with Syrian artist Tammam Azzam

profile of Dubai based Syrian artist Tammam Azzam, talking about his artistic evolution post uprising, his life in the UAE and his new body of work.

Aesthetica | August 2014

   Spatial Awareness 

   A review of Lucio Fontanta's retrospective at Musee d'art Moderne.        

   Global Citizen Magazine | July 2014

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