Private Tour | Mea Culpa by Ghazel

Born in Tehran in 1966, Iranian artist Ghazel studied in France, where she is currently based. In her solo exhibition Mea Culpa, currently on view at Carbon 12 Gallery in Dubai, world maps are covered with her ballpoint pen drawings of trees, hearts, and other symbols of belonging. The exhibition gives a glimpse of the artist's multidisciplinary practice, with a video work and, for the first time in twenty years, sculptures. 

Dyslexia 2, 2015, Acrylic and ballpoint pen on printed Iranian world map
Here is a private tour of Mea Culpa by Kourosh Nazemi, co-founder of Carbon 12. 

Ghazel's Mea Culpa is on view at Carbon 12 Gallery till 9 May 2016.