What's On With : Golnaz Fathi

Although Golnaz Fathi creates her abstracts with a clear idea of the final result in her mind, she welcomes any changes that occur in the process. Changes she would not have been allowed to perform, had she followed the path of the purely traditional practice of calligraphy, which she studied at the Iranian Society of Calligraphy in her native Tehran. From words to forms, Golnaz constructed a visual narrative based on pure aesthetics, leaving her works untitled to allow wanderings of the mind as the eyes slide along the carefully constructed shapes and colours of her paintings. In two weeks, Third Line Gallery will be presenting her recent works at Art Dubai : painted Chinese notebooks that narrate a visual tale as their fragile pages unfold like a harmonica. 
Meanwhile, here’s more about Golnaz Fathi: 

Golnaz Fathi

What’s on : 

Your art love / hate radar lately ?

I love Instagram. I registered only recently and have since then been discovering new artists and their work. It became my morning ritual. It’s visual and that’s why I like it so much. 

I used to dislike art fairs and their financial aspect, because I think art is so much bigger.  Now I don’t think about them anymore. My job is to be in my studio and paint. So I do my job and let the galleries do theirs. 

Your studio’s playlist? 
I set my player on shuffle because I enjoy not knowing what the next song will be. I listen to various genres including:
Chanson fran├žaise 
Pop music 

Your walls?
My paintings, those of other artists, photographs, and fully stacked bookshelves. 

Untitled, Pen on Canvas, 2013

Your muse list? 
Anyone I learn something from, but mostly Pierre Soulages, Lee Ufan, and more broadly star chefs, because I consider them artists as well. I watch a lot of cooking shows. 

Your imaginary dinner table
Antoni Tapies and Christian Bobin. Having two intellectuals at the dinner table, I am sure any topic of conversation would be very deep. If Bobin couldn't make it, I would invite Alain de Botton. 

Acrylic and Pen on Chinese Paper, 2014
Your nightstand?
The House of Sleeping Beauties by Japanese author Yasunari Kawabata.

Your bucket list ?
What I have set myself as a goal is to be calm and happy. 

And finally, what’s on next? 
A special participation at the Venice Biennale to be announced shortly…

Read more about Golnaz Fathi here 
All images courtesy of the artist