On the importance of being kind

Here I was strolling around DIFC galleries today, antsy to visit this exhibition everyone had been raving about since last week’s Art Nights. My curiosity piqued by the mixed comments of awe and aversion (yes, that antagonistic) from fellow art lovers, I felt the urge to discover, what impression the show would leave on me. 

Unfortunately, I have to report a bitter taste while walking out of the gallery. Not to do with the artist’s work in the least. The disgruntlement I was left with, was rather provoked by the arrogant attitude reserved to me as I dared inquiring about the show.

Consequently, this week’s scheduled art review mutated to an opinion piece. On the importance of being kind and putting prejudice aside. Not all of us gallery visitors are in luck of a spending power enabling multiple-zeros art crushes. And yet that’s not why we should be screened through this subjective buying-scanner, present in some of the gallerists’ eyes. 
Appreciating art means possessing a certain sensitivity, paired with a desire to share it with others, whether collectors or not. So dear gallerists, please do consider giving your visitors the time, consideration and respect they deserve for being interested in the artists you represent. Because that is the respect you also owe your artists. And who knows, the next casual looking person walking in might just be in the mood to spend a few hundred thousand dols garnishing a white wall. Or, writing a eulogistic review of your show. 

To end on a positive note, here’s to all those passionate art professionals whose open minded, enthusiastic approach has us coming back.