Nature’s Duet | Jorge Mayet and Daisuke Ohba at The Farjam Foundation

Landscapes with a dual significance take over the Farjam Foundation space in DIFC, where trees lie in mid air and light radiates from pastel toned forests.

Jorge Mayet, a Cuban refugee living in Spain, creates arboreous installations hanging in the air, representative of his own life, suspended between his homeland and the country he adopted.
Seemingly natural miniature creations reveal intricate constructions of electrical cable, papier-mâché and acrylic, forming branches, trunks and roots.

Cayendo Suave by Jorge Mayet

This level of realism is also found in Mayet’s paintings of lands and skies, seen from afar and evocative of the distance separating him from his homeland.

Uroboros (woods) by Daisuke Ohba

With the soft pastels of pearl paint Japanese artist Daisuke Ohba uses, Mayet’s sorrows are tenderized. Creating highly reflective surfaces in a variation of iridescent colors, he invites the light to penetrate his woods and transform them before the eyes of the viewer, depending on the time, place and perspective. From his pieces emanates a deep calmness, an enveloping serenity at the doorstep of a spectral world.

Nature’s Duet is at Farjam Foundation till June 2014.

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