Black Rainbow | Ralf Ziervogel and Rui Chafes at Carbon 12 Gallery

It starts with a poem and ends with destruction.

Carbon 12’s Black Rainbow is introduced by Edgar Allan Poe’s dramatic verses, setting the tone of the show and preparing the viewer to enter a state of threshold consciousness. “Because all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

In this state of hypnagogia, the works of Ralf Ziervogel and Rui Chafes unfold, from apparent peacefulness to subconscious darkness. 

Chafes’ hand-welded black steel sculptures, drawn from cultural and historical references, are seemingly light, harmonious, refined. Beneath, lies a much darker, powerful and menacing significance, a mélange of inferno, decapitation and absence.

"The Dream of Giorgio de Chirico" by Rui Chafes

This hostility is a vector to Ziervogel’s drawings, initially perceived as obsessive geometrical patterns. Scrutinized under a magnifying glass, they unravel as unrestrained bursts of anger, put into words. Verbal destruction becomes physical in his "Eskimolied More" series, where iPad format paper carries frantic, mind struggling movements, brought to a close when the screen’s glass is shattered.

"Eskimolied More" by Ralf Ziervogel

The dual realities of "Black Rainbow" provoke a deeper questioning, beyond the gallery space and what it hosts. Are we awake? Are we asleep? Do we see the real? 

Black Rainbow is at Carbon 12, in Alserkal Avenue till 10 March 2014

Photo credits
Images courtesy of Carbon 12