Freshly Ground Sounds | Acoustic Sounds at The Archive

Yesterday evening, I gathered my winter essentials and set off to Safa Park’s Archive for a night of acoustic sounds.
Blanket and fresh Starbucks in hand, I pranced down Gate 5's entrance to find a wonderful living-room-kind-of-set, right on the grass.

Organized by Freshly Ground Sounds, a nonprofit aiming to spread acoustic performances across the UAE, the evening was a pleasant surprise.
From an RnB guitar cover of Let me love you down to Royals, we - the amazing crowd of about 200 -  also hummed to a variety of original songs.    
FGS is to be officially launched in 2014 and will be hosting more events in yet held secret venues.  Can’t wait to see  where, and what they come up with next!

Photo Credits
Original images by mVi